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  • All knuckle handles on horn handles Brass and Horn handles

    Black Deco Handles


  • All three bone nuckle varients Bone and Bronze handles

    White Deco Handles


  • Three shades of Havana Leather Bin Brown Leather Havana Antique Bin

    Havana Bin


  • Havana Umbrella Stand Tan and Black with Cane Havana umbrella stand Handle Detail

    Havana Umbrella Stand


  • Havana Desk Set In espresso on white Antique tan desk accessories

    Havana Desk Set

    $34.87 $23.25

    On sale
  • Hand Painted Ostrich Eggs on Leather plate Hand Painted Ostrich Eggs on black Leather plate

    Hand Painted Ostrich Egg


    Sold out
  • Yubi dark green marble disks, set of three on white Yubi green disks, set of three close up

    Yubi Green Marble Disk


    Sold out
  • Havana Leather Perudo Games set

    Havana Perudo Games Set


    Sold out
  • Valet Stand Havana Antique Tan Valet Stand Havana Close up

    Havana Valet Stand


  • Guaxs Cubistic Set with vase bowl and tealight holder

    Guaxs Cubistic


  • Somba Vase with White Shell Necklace

    Guaxs Somba Vases


  • Black Leather Log Basket Tan Leather Log Basket

    Havana Open Log Basket


  • Havana Black Leather Magazine Basket Havana Tan Leather Magazine Basket

    Havana Magazine Basket

    $219.57 $109.79

    On sale
  • Goose Feather Shade with Leather Stick Lamp Small Egyptian Goose Shade

    Egyptian Goose Feather Lamp Shade


  • Yubi Decorative Black Marble Disks Small Medium and Large

    Yubi Decorative Marble Disks


  • Leather Backgammon Board Leather Backgammon Board on floor with feet

    Havana Backgammon Games Set


    Sold out
  • Grey Guaxs Aran Lanterns Grey Guaxs Aran Lantern small

    Guaxs Aran Lantern


  • Petrified Wood Slice on Stand white and black Three Slices of Petrified Wood on stands

    Petrified Wood Slice on a stand


    Sold out
  • Guaxs Kooonam Vase Set Guaxs Koonman Vase set with flowers and candle holders



  • Havana Chess Games Set Chess set from back with mufti logo

    Havana Chess Games Set


  • Real Shagreen Frame with Bone Frame Real Shagreen Frame in Grey Blue with Water

    Real Shagreen Frame


  • Black Leather Seam Stitch Tissue Box BrownLeather Seam Stitch Tissue Box

    Havana Seam Stitch Tissue Box


  • Rabbit Fur Hot Water Bottle

    Rabbit Hot Water Bottle


    Sold out
  • Guaxs tube indigo in both sizes Guaxs Grey Tube with flowers

    Guaxs Tube Vases


  • Orphee Perla Cushion on White Orphee Perla corner shot

    Orphee Cushion


    Sold out
  • Kahulu Vases small and medium Kahulu Vase

    Guaxs Kahulu Vases


  • Shikari Valet Stand Shikari Valet Stand Close up

    Shikari Valet Stand


  • Shikari Dressing Table With Chair and Bottles Shikari Dressing Table with chair and decor in home

    Shikari Dressing Table


  • Havana Bistro Bar Stool Havana Bistro Bar Stool Seat view

    Bistro chair


  • Shikari Dressing Chair From Behind Shikari Dressing Chair With desk and decor

    Shikari Dressing Chair


  • Batonga Handwoven Circular Trays Batonga Handwoven trays on floor with plants

    Batonga Handwoven Tray


    Sold out
  • Yava Tealight Holder

    Guaxs Yava Vase


  • Baobab Diffuser set of three Baobab Diffusers platinum

    Baobab Diffusers


  • Black Leather Havana Tissue Box Havana Espresso Leather Tissue Box

    Havana Tissue Box

    $105.91 $90.03

    On sale
  • Nagga Black Family of vases Naaga Black from top with flowers

    Guaxs Nagaa Vases in Black


  • Beecher Tortoise Shell Table Lamp

    Beecher Tortoise Shell Table Lamp


    Sold out
  • Phillosophy Candle Stick Table Lamp


  • Jass cushion Marine Jazz Cushion Marine Corner

    Jazz Cushion


    Sold out
  • Mia Floor Lamp Mia Floor Lamp with chair and table

    Mia Floor Lamp


    Sold out
  • Massai Mara Occasional Chair

    Maasai Mara Occasional Chair


  • Maasari Mara Armchair Maasai Mara Armchair with plants and linen basket

    Maasai Mara Armchair


  • Gilded Iron Dauphine Floor Lamp Dauphine Floor Lamp with Portobello Armchair and Nesting Table

    Dauphine Floor Lamp


    Sold out
  • Antique Brass Clarkson Floor Lamp Black Clarkson Floor Lamp

    Clarkson Floor Lamp


    Sold out
  • Cooper table lamp Antique Bronze Cooper small table lamp

    Cooper Table Lamp



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