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  • Havana Bistro Bar Stool Havana Bistro Bar Stool Seat view

    Bistro chair


  • Shikari Dressing Chair From Behind Shikari Dressing Chair With desk and decor

    Shikari Dressing Chair


  • Massai Mara Occasional Chair

    Maasai Mara Occasional Chair


  • Maasari Mara Armchair Maasai Mara Armchair with plants and linen basket

    Maasai Mara Armchair


  • Safari Armchair on angle Safari armchair from side USA



  • Safari Bar stool on angle Safari Bar stool from front

    Safari bar stool


  • Safari Geometric from sngle Safari Geometric from side

    Safari Dining Chair


  • Geometric chair cutout Geometric chair with Metro Desk

    Geometric Dining Chair


  • Porcupine stool cutout Close up of Porcupine Stool

    Porcupine Stool


    Sold out
  • Portobello armchair cutout Portobello Armchair

    Portobello Armchair

    $1,137.64 $568.82

    On sale
  • Maasai Mara Occasional Dining Chair Maasai Mara Occasional Dining Chair with table and glassMaasai Mara Occasional Dining Chair with table and glass

    Maasai Mara Occasional Dining Chair


  • MAASAI MARA DINING CHAIR CUTOUT Maasai Mara Dining Chair Leg Detail

    Maasai Mara Dining Chair


  • Maasai Mara stool cutout Maasai Mara stool side

    Maasai Mara Stool


    Sold out
  • Edelman Leather Bar Stool Edelman Leather bar Stool From Back

    Edelman Leather Bar Stools

    $1,628.89 $814.44

    On sale
  • Maasai Mara Bar Stool on white Rope Barstool with mustard cushion and trunk

    Maasai Mara barstool


  • Palm stools cutout Rattan Stools Black and cream

    Palm Stools


    Sold out
  • Petrified wood Stools cutout Lady Sitting on Petrified Wood Stool

    Petrified Wood Stool / Side Table


  • Deco Club Armchair From Front Deco Club Armchair From Back

    Deco Club Armchair


  • Havana Club Armchair Havana Club Chair in Context

    Havana Club Armchair


  • Portobello Queen Anne Armchair on white Portobello Queen Anne Armchair with brass lamp and book

    Portobello Queen Anne Armchair


  • Zoya Chair angle Zoya chair front

    Zoya Chair


  • Metro Armless Chair Metro Armless chair with sidetable and book

    Metro Armless Chair


  • Shikari Planters Armchair Shikari planters armchair with flowers

    Safari Planters Armchair


  • Brussels Armchair


  • Metro Armchair Metro Armchair In living room

    Metro Armchair

    $2,133.07 $1,066.53

    On sale
  • Mufti Daybed Mufti Daybed end detail

    Mufti Daybed

    $4,382.48 $2,191.24

    On sale
  • Highback Bench from Front Highback Bench on angle

    Highback Bench


  • Shikari Bench Shikari bench in brown jute

    Maasai Mara Bench


  • Havana Leather Rocking Chair

    Havana Leather Rocking Chair


  • African Springbok Hide Stool Springbok Hide Stool next to girl with decor

    Springbok Hide Stool


    Sold out
  • Deco Curved Back Bar Stool Deco Curved Back Bar Stool in house with table and clock

    Deco Curved Back Bar Stool


  • Deco chair cutout Deco Curved Back Dining Chair

    Deco Curved Back Dining Chair

    $1,027.75 $770.81

    On sale
  • Havana Club Chair Leather Havana Club Chair

    Havana Club Chair

    $1,855.12 $927.56

    On sale
  • Bakc of Havana Buckle Chair Front of Havana Buckle Chair

    Havana Buckle Chair


  • Shikari Armchair Shikari Armchair From Side

    Shikari Armchair


    Sold out
  • Westbourne Dining Chair Westbourne Dining chair with Table and woman

    Westbourne Dining Chair


    Sold out
  • Mahoot Dining Chair

    Mahoot Dining Chair


  • Loose Cover Dining Chair Linen Cover Armchair

    Loose Cover Dining Chair


    Sold out
  • Havana swivel chair in black cutout Back of brown leather Havana Swivel Desk Chair

    Havana Swivel Desk Chair


  • Edward Bar stool Edward Bar Stool from Front

    Edward Bar Stool



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