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  • Guaxs Cubistic Set with vase bowl and tealight holder

    Guaxs Cubistic


  • Somba Vase with White Shell Necklace

    Guaxs Somba Vases


  • Guaxs Kooonam Vase Set Guaxs Koonman Vase set with flowers and candle holders



  • Guaxs tube indigo in both sizes Guaxs Grey Tube with flowers

    Guaxs Tube Vases


  • Kahulu Vases small and medium Kahulu Vase

    Guaxs Kahulu Vases


  • Batonga Handwoven Circular Trays Batonga Handwoven trays on floor with plants

    Batonga Handwoven Tray


    Sold out
  • Rectangular Brass Trays Brass Trays with Vase and branches

    Rectangular Brass Tray


    Sold out
  • Havana Stitch Pen Holder

    Havana Pen Holder


  • Nagga Black Family of vases Naaga Black from top with flowers

    Guaxs Nagaa Vases in Black


  • Two Boat Bowls Small Boat Bowl

    Decorative Boat Bowl

    £130.00 £90.00

    On sale
  • Tall Hobnail Glass Jug

    Hobnail Tall Jug


  • Butter and Sugar Dish Ceramic butter and sugar dishes

    Ceramic Butter and Sugar Dishes


    Sold out
  • Havana Black Watch Box with Stitching Havana Leather Watch Box Antique Tan With Watch

    Havana Watch Box

    £165.00 £140.25

    On sale
  • Guaxs San Fancisco Lantern Both sizes on white Guaxs San Fancisco Lantern L on white

    Guaxs San Francisco Lantern


  • Tibetan Singing Bowl

    Tibetan Singing Bowl


    Sold out
  • Real Shagreen Serving Tray Real shagreen serving tray on desk from top

    Real Shagreen Serving Tray


    Sold out
  • Teak and Copper Long Wooden Bowl Teak and Copper Long Wooden Bowl Close up

    Teak & Copper Wooden Bowl


  • Round Hobnail Jug

    Hobnail Round Jug


  • Guaxs Manakara Round Vase with bowl tall vase and tea light holders Guax Manakara Vase on deco desk with decor

    Guaxs Manakara Vases


  • Guaxs Gobi High Vase Guaxs Gobi High Vase from Behind

    Guaxs Gobi High Vase


  • Mandoon Bowls Stacked Mandoon Bowl Small

    Mandoon Bowls


  • Arca Lacquered Horn Tray in Black with water and ice Acra white Lacqured Horn Tray Small and Medium

    Arca Horn Lacquered Tray


    Sold out
  • Black Havana Narrow Mirror Tray Tan Havana Narrow Mirror Tray

    Havana Narrow Mirror Tray

    £125.00 £106.25

    On sale
  • Hobnail Bowl

    Hobnail Bowl


  • Petrified Bowls Top View of Petrified Bowls

    Petrified Wood Decorative Bowl



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