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  • Havana Black Leather Magazine Basket Havana Tan Leather Magazine Basket

    Havana Magazine Basket

    £170.00 £85.00

    On sale
  • Yubi Decorative Black Marble Disks Small Medium and Large

    Yubi Decorative Marble Disks


  • Havana Chess Games Set Chess set from back with mufti logo

    Havana Chess Games Set


  • Real Shagreen Frame with Bone Frame Real Shagreen Frame in Grey Blue with Water

    Real Shagreen Frame


  • Rabbit Fur Hot Water Bottle

    Rabbit Hot Water Bottle


    Sold out
  • Batonga Handwoven Circular Trays Batonga Handwoven trays on floor with plants

    Batonga Handwoven Tray


    Sold out
  • Dominos Set Domino set

    Domino Games Set


  • Baobab Diffuser set of three Baobab Diffusers platinum

    Baobab Diffusers


  • Shikari Candle in Tan Shikari Candle Small Tan

    Shikari Flower Candle


  • Butter and Sugar Dish Ceramic butter and sugar dishes

    Ceramic Butter and Sugar Dishes


    Sold out
  • Karma Baby Honey Cushion Karma Baby Cushion

    Karma Cushions


  • Joséphine Cushion in White Joséphine Cushion Corner close up in white

    Joséphine Cushion


    Sold out
  • Carbone  Crossway Cushion Corner of the carbone crossway cushion

    Crossway Cushion


    Sold out
  • Shikari Horn bowl on white from side Horn bowl, on Shagreen table with tray

    Shikari horn bowl


  • Two Boat Bowls Small Boat Bowl

    Decorative Boat Bowl

    £130.00 £90.00

    On sale
  • Tall Hobnail Glass Jug

    Hobnail Tall Jug


  • Havana Jewellery Box in black red and tan Stack of Havana Leather Jewellery boxes

    Havana Jewellery Box

    £90.00 £76.50

    On sale
  • Havana Seam Stitch Frame Leather Havana Brown Leather Picture Frame With Boat Bowl

    Havana Seam Stitch Frame


  • Geometric Shikari Candle Tan Black small shikari candle

    Shikari Geometric Candle


  • Guaxs San Fancisco Lantern Both sizes on white Guaxs San Fancisco Lantern L on white

    Guaxs San Francisco Lantern


  • Lamb Hot water bottle Hot water bottle lamb skin closer up

    Sheep Skin Hot Water Bottle


  • Guaxs Manakara Round Vase with bowl tall vase and tea light holders Guax Manakara Vase on deco desk with decor

    Guaxs Manakara Vases


  • Real Shagreen Serving Tray Real shagreen serving tray on desk from top

    Real Shagreen Serving Tray


    Sold out
  • Teak and Copper Long Wooden Bowl Teak and Copper Long Wooden Bowl Close up

    Teak & Copper Wooden Bowl


  • Round Hobnail Jug

    Hobnail Round Jug


  • Mandoon Bowls Stacked Mandoon Bowl Small

    Mandoon Bowls


  • Hobnail Bowl

    Hobnail Bowl


  • Baobab Les Prestigeuses Candle Set, all sizes Baobab 'Les Prestigeuses' Candles Max 10

    Baobab Les Prestigieuses 'Encre de Chine' Candles


    Sold out
  • Arca Buffalo Horn Ancona Photo Frames Arca Horn Ancona Photo Frame on table next to horn lamp

    Arca Ancona Horn Photo Frame


    Sold out
  • Shikari Hide Photo Frame

    Shikari Hide Frame


  • Havana Leather Dog bed with dog

    Havana Dog Bed


  • Havana magazine rack cutout Magazine Rack with magazines

    Havana Magazine Rack


  • Rabbit Fur and Raw Silk Throw on Bed Rabbit Fur and Raw Silk Throw Colour Options

    Rabbit & Raw Silk Throw


  • Shikari Rabbit Fur Scarf Shikari Rabbit Fur Scarf on chair with Decor

    Rabbit Scarf


  • Black and White Shikari Rabbit Fur Cushion Rabit fur Cushions in stack

    Rabbit Cushion



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